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Has your business taken control of you and your life?
Is your business capable of much more; for whatever reason it’s just not happening as planned?

Starting a business was an exciting time for us all, ideas are flowing, fantastic plans are transpiring and perceived opportunities are everywhere. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always flow as we intended and suddenly the business takes control and here you are working for the business and not the business working for you. The day to day takes over and overwhelm may have set in bringing its own stresses. All those fantastic plans start being put on the back burner and the giggly entrepreneur in you has been suppressed causing your growth plans to be impacted. If you’d like to regain control and/or take your business forward to a new level, continue reading

What difference would it make
to your life to?

  • Strategize your business around your life instead of vice-versa
  • Regain the excitement you once had
  • Empower your staff to take more control freeing you up
  • Benefit fully from the risks you are taking
  • Feel in control again

Your journey to Time, Freedom and Profit starts here!

To Expect?

Clients Say

I got tremendous value from Brendan's workshop this week. I left energized with 5 actionable strategies that I can implement to grow my business. I can only highly recommend.
Simon Berry-Byrne
Owner Pixel Town
I attended Brendan's Business Masterclass yesterday and was honestly so impressed with the workshop. Brendan provided great insights and brilliant strategies - actionable, implementable and had great answers to our questions! Would highly recommend taking this opportunity to look at your business from a new perspective.
Eadaoin Curtin
Firechild Photography
Peak Performance Ireland have been instrumental in the setup of my new business! The advice has been sound, the guidance incredible. Cannot recommend them highly enough!
Shweta Reihill
All Rounders Fitness Limited
I got an opportunity to attend Brendan's workshop earlier this week, after attending this workshop, I realised how important to have clear navigation while setting your business goals, working through leads until managing the profits. I think a mentor plays huge role in bringing positive results. This relationship is invaluable. Thanks for providing such wonderful insights.
Pradeep Dabas
Salt Marketing

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