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Are you confused and frustrated about selecting your future career?

Here’s what you don’t want down the line; to join the estimated 55% of Irish adults who are unhappy in their careers! You deserve a future that is aligned with your purpose in life and brings you fulfilment. Here’s where you will start to find the answers you are looking for. Let me tell you that you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed about making this big (but not impossible) decision that is in front of you. The good news is that with the right approach and guidance it’s not as difficult as it may appear. Many have taken the approach below and found the clarity they are looking for. So, let’s begin!

Would you like to?

  • Discover, among others, your strengths (many are hidden!), interests, life themes, motivators and how they can all work in parallel for you
  • Match your skills and interests with your ideal career path
  • Gain clarity on what you really want
  • Understand how to communicate your unique value
  • Overcome those obstacles you are facing
  • Set out a clear plan for your future career

The starting point is examining “Who” you are after which you’ll figure out “What” is the best career path and approach for you

To Expect?

Specialised Student Career Coaching Programme

This proven programme provides teenagers and young adults with exceptional results and clarity as to their future career path.


  • 3*Personalised Coaching Session (Face to Face or Virtual) with a qualified career coach
  • Personal trait and in-depth career analysis using global award-winning technology
  • Goal setting

Uncover your intrinsic traits and interests

Aligns your career path with who you are

Precisely identify your most suitable career path

Clients Say

A big thank you to Brendan for his recent coaching with my teenage son. Jack found it very beneficial. It has put him in a great position for approaching the senior cycle in secondary as he now knows potential careers that suit his talents and preferences.
Grace Dunne
My Daughter had a number of life coaching sessions with Brendan with who I cannot speak highly enough off. There was a clear objective to be reached from the start but my daughter did not feel overwhelmed by the process. Brendan’s professionalism and warmness put her at ease from the minute they kicked off the process ensuring that there was open and trusting dialogue. Brendan facilitated a self-awareness within her to enable her see what she had archived in such a young life and what she could achieve
Derek Glynn
The coaching brought the result I wanted: I don't hear my daughter anymore saying 'I'll never get a job'. Instead, she talks about how much she can make if she picks this or this job. A positive change in her attitude, which will motivate and help her to be successful. She has definitely gained confidence and I am far less worried myself. Thank You
Val Klipfel
Last year I didn’t know what career area I wanted to enter after school. I’m currently repeating my leaving cert. After meeting with Brendan three times I finally feel comfortable, confident and excited for my next step. Highly recommend peak performance to anybody who may feel unsure about their next career choice.
Cáit Ní Riain

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